Double-Sided Business Cards

Double Sales Potential with Double-Sided Business Cards

Loyalty Punch Card Example
Swapping business cards is one of the most basic and common forms of networking in the business world. With something that is so typical, people often blindly hand out cards while not really thinking about what the card does AFTER you hand it out.

How do your clients feel about your business card?

  • Is it valuable?
  • Does it solve a problem?

Take advantage of the extra real estate on the other side

Most business owners fail to utilize the backside of their business cards. The back side is prime space to include important facts, offers and information that help sell your company or service to the holder. Including valuable offers or incentives on your business card will make it worth holding on to.

See Other Side

Include a call to action for the holder to turn the card over. Such as "Turn this card over for a special offer" can go a long way to getting them to see the backside of your business cards.

Now that you have their attention, reel them in with a:

Coupon Card Example

  • Valuable coupon.
  • Punch card for frequent clients.
  • Survey, redeemable for a free gift.
  • URL to a special webpage targeting business card recipients.

Research your sector to learn what marketing lingo will flip their switch and turn them on to your company. Give them what they want! Even if you only hand out 50 cards using this technique, you've just created 50 opportunities for new business. Just imagine the possibilities that would come with having 1000 highly effective business cards in circulation.

Now that you've found the secret recipe for business card retention, hand those cards out wherever and whenever you can. The more you hand out the better chance you have of gaining another customer, and ultimately, earning more money for yourself and your company.

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