Business Card Etiquette

Do's and Don'ts of Business Card Exchanges
Business cards are an affordable and verisitle method of advertising. Use these tips to learn what to do, and what not to do when exchanging cards.

A Travel Etiquette Guide for the Mobile Entrepreneur
An extensive business card etiquette guide for people looking to establish and grow a marketing presence in exciting new emerging global markets.

Organizing Business Cards for Contact Management
If you hate clutter like I do, utilize these tips to effeciently organize all those business cards you've received.

Five Ways to Always Have Business Cards at Hand
Being asked for a business card is a compliment. Not having one with you at that critical moment is subtly offensive. If you habitually find yourself without a business card, these ideas will help keep them available when you need them the most.

The History of Business Cards Past & Present
Once a luxury reserved only for the wealthy, business cards have evolved in to a powerful and effective marketing tool still in use today. Learn about the origins of bearer cards, the widespread use of visiting cards and today's modern business card.

The History of Printing Past, Present & Future
From Mesopotamian cylinder seals to modern microscopic 3D printers, explore thousands of years of human advancement in printing. Learn how the modern printing press came to exist and the differences between offset and digital printing.

Q&A Interview with a Printing Expert
A candid interview with GreatFX Printing owner Chris Brunner covering topics of printing and business cards. Chris discusses marketing & design ideas as well as the many type of print mediums that are possible today.