Ad-Free Business Cards

The Cost of Free Business Cards

Who doesn't love something free? Free business cards have been a popular item with small business owners across the country for several years. They are easy to spot due to an advertisement on the backside and background images you see over and over again.

These cards are great for collectors, but are they right for you?

Many frugal business owners order free cards with the notion that they are cutting an expense from their budget; after all, a card is a card... right?

Consider these long term costs:

  • Cost #1: First Impression
    Free business cards have little to no competitive potential. Which would YOU pick up first - a photo-realistic card with a glossy finish or a card that looks like it was printed cheaply? It's human nature to check out the better card first, it captures your attention and curiosity first.

  • Cost #2: Holder Attention
    The advertisement on the back side of a free business card can distract the holder away from your message. Your new contacts may think about "free business cards" instead of what your company is about. This can result in a lost lead, and ultimately lost revenue. Don't loose their attention!

  • Cost #3: Valuable Real Estate
    The back side of your business card is prime space to include information that makes your card worth holding on to. Have a good look at your audience and who you are trying to impress. What are they looking for? Certainly not an advertisement from a company other than your own!

  • Cost #4: Brand Awareness
    Brand awareness - The proportion of target customers that recall a brand. Business cards play a major role in developing this important marketing strategy. Free business cards are co-branded, effectively clouding this awareness you want your clients to develop.

  • Cost #5: Professional Image
    Advertisements on the back of free business cards scream unprofessional and diminish the impression you want your client to have of your business. Advertisement-free business cards are cheaper than you might think, and are an easy and fully acceptable tax write off.

Invest in custom business cards that grab attention and appear more valuable. Your clients will love them, and you will enjoy handing them out. Best of all, you will advertise YOUR business, not someone elses!

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