Power Words for Business Cards

A Selection of Power Words for Your Business Cards

These days, a small business needs every ounce of marketing muscle they can get. Business cards are a perfect weapon for an entrepreneur to have in the trenches when competing for customers.

You designed your business cards using all the right techniques and it looks incredible. Now that you've got the attention of the holder, are your words appealing to them?

This is one often overlooked marketing essential:
What your business card says.

Take your business card out and have a good look at it. What words do you use to describe your business, your products or your services?

The header or slogan should speak directly to your customer and distinguish your business from the rest. Remember your card will likely be on a bulletin board or in a rolodex with a few other competitors. This small bit of text could mean the difference between a new client or unseen revenue.

Give them a reason to call:

  • The ____ that works as hard as you do
  • ____ doesn't have to be expensive
  • Not just another ____
  • The ____ advantage
  • The best-kept secret in ____
  • Don't get stuck with...
  • How our ____ stacks up
  • Can you afford not to...?
  • An investment in your future

Next, give the holder a bottom line that is irresistible:

  • Save up to ____ %
  • Huge discounts
  • Receive a ____% discount when you present this card
  • Visit our website for special rebates and coupons
  • Don't pay more for ____
  • Present this card at our showroom and receive a free ____
  • Call us for a special offer for first time customers

Lastly, include a closing statement that will motivate the holder to respond:

  • Why settle for ____ when you can have ____
  • A rewarding ____ awaits you
  • You owe it to yourself to ____
  • Seeing is believing
  • You'll be glad you did
  • ... and that's a promise!
  • Put our ideas to work for you
  • We'd like to hear from you
  • Call us today to schedule an appointment
  • Looking forward to hearing from you

Mix and match these phrases to create business cards that will compliment your products or services, prompting that all-important phone call or e-mail. The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. I say that a few well chosen words are priceless. Use these words and phrases to turn your ineffective cards in to marketing super-heroes!

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