Print Marketing Tips

The Art & Zen of Retaining Business Cards
Are your business cards treasure or trash? Use these tips to create cards your clients won't throw away.

Eight Innovative Ways to Distribute Business Cards
You have business cards, now how do you get them in to the hands of potential clients? This guide offers tips and ideas for distributing your cards.

The True Cost of Free Business Cards
Examining the long-term costs of free business cards, and why advertisement free business cards separate serious entrepreneuers from the amateurs.

Business Card Magnets Make Your Message Stick
Magnets conveniently stick to any metal surface. Save your clients the hassle of flipping through a phone book, offer them your magnetic business cards next time and watch your profits soar.

Marketing Ideas Using Business Cards
Learn how to effectively promote your business with professional advice and techniques for advertising with business cards.

Mommy Cards : Networking with Personal Business Cards
Whether you chase balloons or chase children, plant flowers or plant ideas, let the world know about it with a personal business card. Mommy cards are great for busy moms or dads to network with other parents.

Ideas to Make Your Business Cards More Valuable
Do your business cards whisper, or do they scream for attention? Utilize these tips to make your card speak loud and clear just begging to be retained and used for years to come.