Satisfaction Policy

Your happiness is paramount to our profits.
Order complications are rare, but when they do happen, we give you the opportunity to decide how you want to proceed.
➤ Reprinting Policy

If you make a spelling mistake or other design mistake we will reprint your prints at 50% of the original cost not including shipping. We look at every design that comes through as a means of catching problems but sometimes mistakes are overlooked.

Please carefully inspect each letter, number and image in your design for accuracy as it is your responsibility to do so.

➤ Make It Right or Money Back Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase related to cut, color, texture or appearance we offer you the choice to reprint your prints at no cost to you, or we will completely refund your money.

Colors displayed on screen may appear different when printed on paper.
No Hassles? No Bad Attitude? No Problem.
Thank you for your business, please contact us with questions related to our policies.